We pride ourselves on crafting rich stories using striking imagery.


    Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016, presents TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story, the gritty tale of an Imperial stormtrooper who is forced to confront his past in the heat of a battle. Winner of the 2016 Filmmaker Select Star Wars Fan Film Award. Directed By Samtubia & Samgoma...


    Director’s Showreel that consist of our latest work filmed with Blackmagic Design’s Cinema (2.5K) and Production Camera (4K)…...



    We are artists that focus on creating visuals with a rich level of storytelling. We fuse our love for cinema, photography, fine art, and anime,to create engaging product for television and film.

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    As filmmakers, we know the magic happens in the editing room. We specialize in developing unique visuals and effects that bring our clients’ visions to life.


    We work with our clients to visualize, establish, energize and grow their companies and products. We pride ourselves in using fresh ideas in emerging markets.


    We excel in bringing a cinematic quality to today’s digital age. Using cutting-edge techniques, we bring richness and depth to our clients’ visual products.


Since childhood, Samtubia and Samgoma Edwards have been enamored with the art of visual storytelling. The Bronx, New York-born brothers gained notoriety through their online music video series entitled, “The Young Hov Project”, which was based on tracks from Jay-Z’s seminal “Black Album” and had Samgoma depicting a young Jay-Z. The series launched their innovative style of filmmaking into the spotlight, earning the attention of Jay-Z himself and famed video director, Chris Robinson, who featured Samgoma as the young rapper in Jay-Z’s own “Roc Boys” music video. The duo then went on to create their own commercial for Nike’s limited edition Air Yeezy sneakers. The clip went viral and was eventually cosigned by Kanye West himself. Since then, the duo has consistently created innovative videos and developed their brand. Their unique, hands-on approach to creative storytelling and use of special effects sets them apart from the average filmmaker.
In 2016, Samtubia and Samgoma were awarded the LucasFilm Filmmaker Select Award for their short film TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story, a gritty action film that centers around the experience of an Imperial Stormtrooper. The brothers were presented the award by John Knoll, Chief Officer of Industrial Light and Magic and Executive Producer of Rouge One: A Star Wars Story. With the success of their recent Star Wars project, they are now signed to Paradigm, a major agency in the film industry, and developing their first film. The Edwards brothers have been featured by such major media outlets as the New York Times, Gizmodo, XXL Magazine, Medium, and Nerdist.